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Winning Against Big Discounters Online

Compete against big pharmacy discounters by focusing on your personalised, trusted advice and service - all the things that make community pharmacy great for consumers.

What Online Content Brings People In Store?

Once you’ve decided to establish an online presence, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of content you’re going to have on your website.

Does a Small Town Pharmacy Need an Online Presence?

In this article, we bust some myths around small town pharmacies, and show why small town pharmacies need to be just as online as pharmacies in urban centres.

How Being Online Can Attract New Types of Customers to Your Pharmacy

Attracting new customers and selling more to existing customers are the two main ways to grow your pharmacy, however, selling more to existing customers can be challenging when your pharmacy is based in a low-income area.

Does a Pharmacy Need More Than a Social Media Page?

A social media page is a great start towards an online presence. But it’s just that – a start. We often speak to pharmacists who say they have a Facebook page, and therefore don’t need a website, online store or other online presence. Today, we’re going to explore that point of view, and explain why you need a website as well as a social media page.

Providing Health Advice in the Age of Dr Google

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, and according to Google’s health programme manager, one in 20 searches are health related, equating to 175 million searches each day. That’s a lot of people asking questions about their health.

Are Products the Secret Sauce your Competitors are Cottoning On To?

If you’re just dipping your toes in the world of getting your pharmacy online, gearing up to manage delivering online orders can feel like it’s way, way in the future, especially for a small community pharmacy. So, why would you bother having your products displayed on your website? Here’s why you might be missing the secret sauce your competition is cottoning on to.

How One Viral Facebook Post Sparked Online Sales Flurry

We love a good news story here at Storbie, especially when it’s a bit of fun too. We chat to Tauranga pharmacy owner and self-proclaimed dad joke king, Simon Hodgson,about how he inadvertently sparked a flurry of demand for Bureta Pharmacy’s Man Flu Relief after a tongue–in–cheek Facebook post went viral.

Elderly Don’t Use the Internet, or do They?

Here’s something we hear a lot: "I don’t need a website because most of my customers are elderly, and don’t use the internet." If you’re one of the pharmacy owners saying this, you might be surprised to learn that the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s why, and why that matters.

The First 6 Questions Pharmacy Owners Should Ask Their Website Partner

It’s no secret that the internet is here to stay, and you’re starting to think about your options to get your pharmacy online to make the most of it. Here’s the thing: what now? How do you make sure you get a website that works for you, rather than the other way around?

The Top 4 Reasons Pharmacy Owners Choose Not to Have a Website

We speak to hundreds of pharmacy owners across Australasia every month. In this article, we address the top 4 reasons pharmacy owners decide to keep their pharmacies offline and we look at how those reasons could be holding their community pharmacy back.

Why your Pharmacy Needs a Website

Many consumers won’t even consider transacting with a company that doesn’t have a strong online presence to go with their physical store. A website should serve as a company’s central hub in today’s modern marketing world. Read on.

Reasons Why You Need To Display Your Products Online

Do you have products on the shelves of your physical pharmacy? Can a customer find out what you have available in store on your website? We explore 5 reasons why you should have your products online, and why that matters even when you’re not ready to sell online.

Managing a Pharmacy Website is Easier (And More Fun) Than You Think

A website for your pharmacy is an asset to your business. And, like all assets, it needs maintenance to stop it from falling into disrepair. We talk to many pharmacy owners who put the brakes on getting started online because they are worried they won’t be able to keep up with it.

Staying Connected to your Pharmacy Customer Between in Store Visits

We’ve talked in the past about how a website is the hub for your community pharmacy on the internet. But what does that actually mean and how is it any good to you if you can’t see the impact it’s having on your business?

A 5-Step Beginners Guide to Assessing Your Pharmacy’s Digital Presence

You don’t have to be a tech whizz to be able to see how easily your business can be found online, you just need to be able to think like a customer of a pharmacy. Work through our self-assessment guide to find out more about your pharmacy’s digital presence.

Compliance Checking Your Pharmacy Products Online – When Was The Last Time You Did?

When changes are made that affect the promotion and sale of the products you have on the shelves of your physical pharmacy, it’s important that you remember to take the appropriate action for those same products on the digital shelves of your pharmacy website too.

Why Your Website Is Key For Succession Planning

What if there was one major lever you can pull, today, to make your pharmacy more valuable when it comes time to sell? There is, and our advice, if you’re not already, it’s time to get yourself established online.

Is There Room For My Community Pharmacy Online?

It’s true that there are lots of different companies selling pharmacy products online – from Pharmacy Direct right down to your local competition. But here’s something else that’s true: the number of people buying pharmaceutical products is incredibly high.

Six More Questions Every Pharmacy Owner Should Be Asking Their Website Partner

These questions are all about selling online and listing your products online. Even if you don’t intend on doing this any time soon, it’s worth having a discussion, just to lay the groundwork for the future.

Storbie Celebrates 3 Years Of Helping Community Pharmacies Hold Their Own Online

For the last three of Storbie’s twelve–year history helping small businesses get set up online, our team has lived and breathed pharmacy. We work closely with pharmacy owners and pharmacists to understand the needs at the coal face.

Storbie and Other Website Platforms – What’s the Difference?

We get it, when you’re venturing down the path of getting your pharmacy online, you want to know that you can trust the web partner that you choose. See how Storbie stacks up against your other options.

How One Community Pharmacy Built an Online Audience from Scratch in 6 Months

We caught up with Jackie Hamilton, proprietor pharmacist at Cromwell Pharmacy. With just over six months of focus, she has grown her online community to 1000+ Facebook followers, 950 people on an email list and 243 instagram followers.

Your Store and Website are more Connected than You Think

One common mistake new pharmacy website owners make once they get online, is to think of the website and the traditional store as two different entities. To get the most out of your business, you should make the most of the benefits that come with each medium.

Why Your Pharmacy Website Didn’t Work Last Time

Just like buying a wrench won’t magically fix your toilet, investing in a website won’t magically improve your business. In order to make any tool work, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to do with it.

How to Turn Your Website into an Investment, Not A Cost

You will have spent money on advertising before. You may have used flyers, radio ads, or even spots in the local newspapers. But while pharmacy owners are happy to invest in this kind of advertising, we’ve found that they also treat their website as an overhead cost. We think a website can be a lot more valuable than that – but it’s all about how you use it

Where Should I Invest my Time to Promote my Community Pharmacy Online?

The internet is the place where most modern consumers spend a lot of their time, and everything they find on the internet about your pharmacy, whether you control it or not, is a representation of your business.

Practical Tips to Operate Your Pharmacy Through COVID-19 Lockdown

We have pulled together ten of the practices, ideas, and changes that have been implemented in community pharmacies across the Tasman, to give you some ideas about preparing for lockdown.

Competing for Attention Online – SEO and Paid Ads

Climbing search rankings, whether paid or unpaid, can pose a huge benefit to the business. How many times have you scrolled down to click the 5th link? Getting your website to the top of search results can lead to a much higher chance that people will choose you.