Think about your website, your store or practice, and every touchpoint you have with your customers. Do they represent the same business? Can customers find the same information across these? 

It just makes sense for products to be on promotion both online and in-store. It minimises customer and staff confusion around different price points, and provides a better experience. And having consistent pricing is just the beginning of what is possible when all your channels work together in what we call omnichannel marketing.

So what is omnichannel marketing? 

Omnichannel marketing is where all your communication channels work together to provide a seamless experience for your customers. For example, imagine you need to move some stock ahead of stock take or for an upcoming promotion such as Black Friday. With an omnichannel approach, you will have a series of key messages that work together to empower and educate your customers. These messages will be accompanied by consistent imagery to aid in recall and recognition, and they will be distributed throughout your organisation.

Touchpoints in an omnichannel approach include:

  • Promotional mail catalogues
  • In your storefront window
  • Across the shelves of your store
  • A banner on your website's homepage 
  • Campaign-specific landing page on your website
  • Corresponding offers on your website product pages
  • And more! 

When customers have a great experience, they’re more likely to stick around, increasing your retention and loyalty. But we know it can be a lot of work, so...

What about the benefits?

There are a number of great benefits for veterinary clinics and pharmacies who run marketing campaigns across their physical and digital channels. 

The first key benefit is increasing your ability to be found! Through a combination of your amazing work and a cohesive physical and digital presence, you will be able to reach and engage with existing and potential customers. Before purchasing a product, the average consumer requires more than three interactions with a brand, and even more when considering making a store their local.

Another powerful benefit of omnichannel marketing is its ability to create a smoother, more seamless customer experience. More and more people expect to be able to have a catalogue mailed to them, see a poster in store, browse online, then decide to click and collect, and for the whole experience to feel cohesive. 

Each of these different touchpoints has unique abilities, and by leveraging online touchpoints, you are able to create greater awareness and drum up greater interest for your store. Also, your customers and staff won’t have issues with inconsistent pricing. Bonus!

The best part is that for Veterinary Practices and Pharmacies, Storbie can handle the production and management, making sure your website mirrors what’s happening in store!* 

When your campaign date begins, you’ll have any physical promotional material you need. Our helpful team will update your website, and we’ll turn the campaign off the day it ends in-store. This means you can spend less time (and stress) turning on or off campaigns in a timely manner, and more time on what you do best!

It's as easy as opting in

How do you get involved? Simply opt into campaigns that are relevant or interesting to your business - we manage the rest! Our marketing partners* will help bring catalogues to life digitally and allow you to tap into supplier promotions to make the most of events across the year. 

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