Introducing Bagga's Pharmacy

Bagga's had previously been part of a banner group, but owners Manish and Jasmin had their own vision for healthcare, and in 2003 they launched Bagga’s.

Their was one clear goal for Bagga’s Pharmacy:

“To provide Newcastle with considered and complete care.”
Bagga's Pharmacy

Bagga's focuses on three core offerings: Pharmacy, Beauty, and Lifestyle. Backed by their strong compounding and beauty services, they have stayed true to their goal throughout the years. Their website on the Storbie platform was a key part of looking to grow Bagga’s into its potential.

Over the years, Manish had set up several websites for Bagga’s, making Storbie his 4th or 5th online project. His prior experience shaped his expectations about what he needed from a website for the pharmacy and helped him to understand what was important when it came to running a pharmacy website.

He was relatively happy with how his previous site looked, but it lacked the functionality he needed to extend what he offered into the online world, and he was unable effectively manage it over time.



Manish understood what really mattered for him to be able to run and maintain an online version of his pharmacy, and he was focused on resolving three key challenges:

  1. It was important for him to be able to receive online bookings through his new website in order to promote and grow his pharmacy's new beauty services.
  2. He wanted to be able to promote his retail and compounding offerings with the convenience of eCommerce, enabling his patients to purchase from his pharmacy online.
  3. It was crucial that his team had control of the website to empower them with the tools needed to be responsible and agile with website updates.
“To push a website, you have to make constant changes to keep it fresh”
Bagga's Pharmacy

The Result

After an initial consultation to gain an understanding of Bagga's and the community they serve, we defined the goals for the website and agreed to a project plan - then it was time to get to work!

Manish's pharmacy website on Storbie delivers on all his objectives, and more:

  1. Online bookings are now available from his website. We took the opportunity to link up with the booking service provider he was already registered with. 
  2. eCommerce was easy on Storbie compared to the other options he had experienced. The integration with Z Software makes stock on hand and pricing maintenance a breeze. He is able to offer his customers different ways to pay online, and connections with suppliers keep his product information up-to-date on his behalf. All that leaves him to focus on is promoting his website.
  3. Manish loves that the Storbie platform makes it possible for not only him, but his team, to support and manage the website. He feels confident and empowered with the tools he needs, and knows he has the support of Storbie's Customer Success team to assist him whenever required.

As well as being functional, it was just as important to Manish that his website looked great. To make the most out of the Storbie design team, he invested in providing beautiful, professional imagery for his new a website. Organising a photographer took a little longer than he expected, but we think you'll agree, the end result speaks for itself.

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