We’ve talked in the past about how a website is the hub for your community pharmacy on the internet. But what does that actually mean and how is it any good to you if you can’t see the impact it’s having on your business?

In this article, we get to know a specific type of customer and then we use a realistic pharmacy interaction that shows you how you can harness your pharmacy’s online presence in store to help you add value, stay connected with your customer after they have walked out the door, and give them a reason to come back over and over again (rather than to the discounters down the road!).


Knowing your customer

Meet Sarah. She is a 30–something mum to an energetic and sassy two–year–old. Sarah works a few days per week and while she is at work, her daughter attends daycare. Like many parents, Sarah’s schedule has her on-the-go most days with little time for herself to recharge and because of this, any opportunity for some time out with a little bit of pampering is appealing to her!

A typical in store interaction

It’s 3pm on a work–from–home–because–said–child–is–sick day and Sarah has braved the weather to get down to see you, the trusty team at her local pharmacy. This time she is in to pick up a script for her toddler who has caught yet another round of communal bugs from day care. You saw her less than two months ago, and probably only a month prior to that for something similar!

She pops in, says a friendly hello and hands over her script. She lingers around making small talk about how it had only been 2 months since she was last in, she collects her medicine and heads out the door. The efficient and friendly service is what she has come to expect, and yet again she has had a pleasant experience.

So you might be wondering, what’s wrong with that? Well, nothing! But, with a few minor tweaks, your pharmacy and your customer can get more out of every interaction like it. Take a look.

Getting more out of your in store interactions

"Sarah, we won’t be long filling that script. While you’re waiting, I’ll let you know that if you visit on our Facebook page and give us a follow, you’ll go in the draw to win this Revitalise Spa Package."

Sarah already has her phone in hand, and in less than a minute, shows you that she has enthusiastically followed you on Facebook to be in the draw to win.

And then, while you’re at it…

"Sarah, we also send out our Good Health Pharmacy newsletter once a month. We have a parenting column that covers off some of the ways you can keep those awful day care bugs at bay – might be some helpful tips for your little one. Would you like to receive that?"

Sarah scrawls her email address on a form, opting in to receive regular emails from you. Later, your team enters this information into your customer database.

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The auto-magic follow up

A few days later Sarah receives an automatic email from you that says:

Hey Sarah,

I hope that you and your family are starting to feel better – there are so many bugs going around at this time of year. We are all battling with these chilly temperatures and the rain!

It’s at these times that self–care is a must, so we’ve put together some ideas about how to look after yourself and your family. Visit our Good Health Guide to Winter Self–Care and learn about the safest way to heat a wheat pack (have you been doing it wrong all this time?), Sally shares her favourite recipe for chicken soup and find out our number 1 tip for keeping bugs at bay for kids under 5. 

Also, until the end of July, you can use the coupon code WINTER10 to save 10% off any Good Health Self–Care recommended product. Mention the code in store or you can use it when checking out online. Visit the Good Health Self–Care Product Guide on our website here.

Yours in good health until next time,

Sally and the team at Good Health Pharmacy

Identifying the differences

In the first scenario Sarah had a pleasant experience, she got what she came for. 

In the second scenario however, you added value to her experience on a multitude of levels – from a chance to win a spa package to relieve her weariness, to an offer to receive some tips about keeping her daughter from picking up more illnesses.

You gained a way to communicate with her between visits in a way that wasn’t intrusive – both on Facebook and email. And then you gave her a reason and a way to engage with your pharmacy – after she had left, and even when she is well!

How relevancy is key

  • You knew her well. Not her personally, but her persona. You used the attributes of her persona to tailor your offer and service to appeal – from the prize, to the content in the email and even recognising she is likely to be a user of Facebook.
  • You shared locally relevant and useful information with her in a way that she likes to receive it. The email felt personal, and it offered her value beyond being just a "new hot product deal" sales email. She won’t mind receiving emails regularly from you if they continue to be full of relevant content and products that relate to that content.

Are you collecting email addresses in store? Create a FREE Mailchimp account as a way to keep and manage your email subscribers and start asking your customers to join your list today.

  • You found a way to increase the visibility of your pharmacy online, in a measurable way. Facebook audience growth over that period? Attributable to the Revitalise Promotion. Every WINTER10 discount code used in store or online? Attributable to email marketing. These are great ways to find what works because you can measure the return on your time and money investment.


In summary

Between your pharmacy website, your Facebook page and a simple (FREE) email tool, this is just one example of how you can stay connected to the customers you have and deliver value between in store visits. Use your pharmacy’s online presence to boost the performance of your business and help you hold your own against the competition.

Could you go away and do this now? If you can, great! If not, get in touch with Storbie’s friendly digital pharmacy consultants and discuss the first steps you can take to get started today.

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