Highlighting Your Unique Value 

When prospective employees look at your website for the first time, they’ll make a few quick-fire judgements about your business. If they are interested in any other roles at that time, they will also likely be making comparisons with your competitors.  

In order to stand out to prospects, it’s important to define what separates your business from other vets or pharmacies near you. 


  • Your involvement with community groups and local charities
  • Your average clientele - e.g. are they upmarket, or family-owned? Rural or urban?
  • Does your business have a long history within your community? 

Once you have determined what makes your business unique, you can begin to weave content that reflects this into your website, through relevant testimonials, photography, and even branding. 

Another useful feature to include is an "About Us" page. This is where you can really shine a spotlight onto your brands’ unique history and mission.


Including readers in your authentic brand story builds brand loyalty, and ultimately draws in a higher-quality pool of prospective employees. 

For inspiration, check out Woy Woy Pharmacy - their "About Us" page introduces the history of their business, the pharmacy owner, and staff!

About Us page featured on Woy Woy Pharmacy (AUS)

Showcase Your Culture

Why should prospects choose this job? What can they get involved in? What content could you include to help them imagine themselves as part of your organisation?

Let photos do the talking!

  • Good-quality photos of the location & surrounding scenery 
  • Photos featuring staff in their day-to-day, e.g. working with patients 
  • Team photos and/or bios, tuned towards your individual brand tone (e.g. if friendly and welcoming - include staff pets in your photos!) 
  • Extra points - an introduction video on the homepage of your site


Intro video featured on the homepage of Bagga’s Pharmacy (AUS).


Some prospects will be looking for a workplace culture that aligns with their personal values. It is becoming more commonplace for businesses to include core values into their brand (ours live on our about page) - a set of guiding beliefs that determine how your business operates. Showcasing your company’s values on your site will help prospective employees to recognise and align with your direction and mission. 

The Extra Mile: Holistic Marketing

Once you’ve tailored your site to a T (we recommend prioritising this first), there are plenty of places to further boost your connection with prospects. 

An Instagram or Facebook account can help you connect more closely with your customers, and provides another platform for showcasing your work culture and day-to-day. By regularly posting and interacting with your followers, you’ll build a stronger online community - and you’ll be more easily found by potential employees!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of content your business can produce, but here are a few of our favourite examples of using social media to build your brand presence:

  • The Vet - Palmerston North - Because who wouldn’t love to meet all the fluffy four-legged locals?
  • Woy Woy Pharmacy - A great example of involving staff in content to build trust, and of using your socials to boost current promotions and sales.


We believe that your website should work for you, not the other way around. A curated web presence can market your business beyond your customers, and into your community - that includes potential employees! We hope this helps you on your hiring journey. 

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