A Gap in Your Workforce

Contemplating how to take your business to the next level, increase efficiency, and improve customer engagement? What if I told you the answer to all of this was a new staff member, and we know exactly who it could be?

They’re ready to launch right into work and are passionate about your business’ success. They promise efficient work around the clock, no sick days, no breaks and somehow, no burnout. When can they start? Now.

Who is this dream employee? Tech.


Let’s unpack what your newest employee can do.

1. Frontline of Customer Service

Is your phone line inundated with a high volume of low value calls, such as enquiries about your location or hours of operation?

Well, your newest employee loves all things customer service and is happy to take the load off your team. Tech can be an alternate first point of contact for your business. With the potential to be packed full of knowledge about your business, tech can instantly provide your curious customers with the information they need.


How can tech accomplish this? A phone menu.

A phone menu (aka phone tree) is an automated greeting that guides callers through selectable options via the dial pad. Whilst it enables callers to be directed and connected to the right person or department in your business, it has even more uses for you as the business owner.

You can utilise your phone menu greeting to answer all those pesky commonly asked questions. This will reduce the number of calls that need to be escalated to you and your team, by filtering out the low value phone enquiries. Less time on the phone answering low value calls means more time to do the important stuff.

2. A Marketing Maestro

Are you struggling to get your business online? Or maybe you're online but have no online presence? It’s hard to build an engaged online audience, and a whole other ball-game to increase your online reputation and credibility.

Luckily, your soon-to-be employee is all over it - marketing is their bread and butter. Tech can build your customers' recognition and familiarity with your brand, as well as provide a platform that enables you to build that all important rapport with your audiences.


How can tech achieve such a feat? Social Media.

Social Media encompasses the wide range of digital channels that enable people to connect online and share information, ideas, and interests with the world. Social Media provides businesses with a direct way to interact with your existing and potential customers.

You can leverage social media as an outlet for the latest and greatest news from your business; providing fresh and interesting content for your audience to interact with. From the content you post, to your replies in comments and direct messages (DM’s) – they’re all an opportunity to humanise your brand, show your authenticity and develop your brand identity. You could even leap into the world of targeted social media ads to increase your brand awareness and reach.

And by encouraging your customers to leave reviews on your social media pages, you’re helping to build your trust and reliability rating.

With social media, the applications and uses for your business are endless.

3. A Sales Superstar

In a post-COVID world, where online-everything is the new norm and omni-channels are the new standard for a seamless shopping experience, it can be hard to keep up.

You’ll be relieved to hear that this is completely up your soon-to-be employee’s alley. Tech enables you to be online, get your products in front of your customers no matter the medium, and instantly expand the possibilities of sales for your business.


How does tech make all this possible? An Ecommerce website.

A Website has the potential to transform your business into a real sales savant and can instantly open your business up to new customers. Ecommerce enables you to present and sell all your business’ offerings completely online - an ability the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a necessity for businesses wanting to survive in the current market.

You can also utlilise Ecommerce websites to provide your customers with a faster and more convenient purchasing process. Ecommerce is highly efficient and skilled at closing a sale, it can take a customer from viewing a product or service to providing payment details in minutes.

A website ensures that no matter where your customer is in the world, they can learn about and engage with your business. In essence, it opens your business up from the people around your physical location to anyone you dare to target.

What Are You Waiting For?

Truly a jack of all trades, tech is a key asset to any and every business. Yet it’s often discarded as unnecessary, too much effort for the outcome, or simply a project for another time.

As we’ve just demonstrated, tech can be used across a range of areas in your business; a phone menu could revolutionise your customer service, social media could invigorate your marketing, and a website could modernise your sales channel. It’s time to start looking at the tech-filled world around you. Search for operations and gaps in your team that tech could fill to optimise your business, today.

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