6 Easy and Achievable Ways to Promote Your Business Website

While many of the guides and quick tips out there will almost certainly prove effective, they often demand more time, money or resources than you have to spare as small business owners. That’s why we’re laying out 6 achievable ways to promote your business website both online and instore - Keep reading to get started! 

Online Ideas

A website is a big step towards a strong online presence, so it makes sense to promote your website online too. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to do this but can also be a daunting task for businesses that are new to the digital game. Instead of throwing you in the deep end, we're here to outline 3 achievable steps you can take to promote your business website. 

1. Google My Business 

Google My Business (GMB) is quite possibly the most important asset for your digital presence and is the first thing people see when they search for your business. It provides searchers with key information such as your opening hours, your contact information and your website address. It’s integrated with Google Maps, so that searchers can see where to find your business and how to get there. And it also features your customer rating and reviews which offers a sense of credibility and social proofing to your business. If you're looking to promote your business website, this is the first step.

To set up or update your Google My Business profile, follow Google’s instructions here:

2. Social Media 

Social Media Platforms are another easy way for customers to get in touch with you and your business, so it makes sense to utilise cross-promotional tactics. On your website you should have links to your social media profiles, and on your social media profiles you should be constantly referencing your website. This ensures maximum awareness of all your platforms and provides different pathways of interaction for your customers.  

For example, ending your posts with Call to Actions (CTA’s) that direct people to your website such as: 

  • “DM us for more information or check out our website at www.storbie.com”  
  • “Book in your appointment on our website at www.storbie.com”  
  • or “Get this product today on our website at www.storbie.com”

3. Email Signatures 

Emails are simply a part of day-to-day business and is one of the direct methods of communication with your customers. A great yet subtle way to utilise email to promote your business website, is to include your website URL in your email signature. Your email signature is the end-of-email flair that you sign off the email with. And if you’re among the many people who sign off emails with “Kind Regards, Jane Smith”, you’re letting an opportunity slip you by.  

What you should do is set up an email signature template that includes key information about your business such as your physical address or PO Box, contact number, social media channels, and website. Your email signature should give the recipient information about who you are, and how to further interact with you and your business.  

Let’s look at my email signature as an example. I’ve included my personal information such as name and role, and I've included my business’ information such as logo, hyperlinked website URL, hyperlinked social media handles and physical address.

Here’s a handy guide on how to create your email signature.

In-store Ideas

Your website and store are not exclusive to each other - the best retailers use both to cater to how their customers move fluidly between on and offline.

So, let’s take it back to basics. Stop what you're doing and take a look around your store- is there anything at all that lets your customers know they can shop with you or book appointments with you when your doors are closed, or the phone is off the hook? Here are 3 surefire ways to make sure your customers don't miss the memo.  

4. Click and Collect Counter 

Do you offer click and collect? What better way to enhance the click and collect experience as well as promote this service than having an area specifically for click and collect pickups.  

It may seem like common sense to go to the front counter for click and collect and if you only have one counter or till it'll seem pointless to put up a sign, but it’ll go a long way towards building awareness of your online services. 

This could look like a simple poster on your front counter. Here's some examples of what it could say: 

  • Click and Collect Pick-up Here. www.storbie.com 
  • Click and Collect Pick-up Here. Order from www.storbie.com  
  • Click and Collect Pick-up Here. Didn't know we offered this service? Check us out at www.storbie.com 

Test it out in your store today and see if your Click and Collect orders increase in the coming months.  

5. QR Codes

Thanks to COVID-tracing we’re all well versed on the ins and outs of QR code scanning, which is great because they can also be utilised to promote your business website. QR codes are a quick way to direct your customers to your website and offer a simple Call to Action (CTA) such as Scan Me. 

You can pair QR codes with online-only discounts to promote use of your website and its online services or you can scatter QR codes across your store with different CTA’s. Here’s some examples of how you can use QR codes in your store.  

  • A QR code across your shop floor with a ‘Shop Online Now’ CTA that directs to the shopping area of your website. 
  • A QR code in your consultation room with a ‘Book Online’ CTA that directs to the online booking area of your website. 
  • Or even a QR code at your checkout with a general ‘Check out our website’ CTA that leads to your website. 

You can customise QR codes to be in your brand colour and even to feature your business logo.

Here’s an example of a QR code I’ve made using QRCode Monkey – It's a free QR code generator that you can start using today.   

6. Customer Service 

Now this last idea is super simple. Being a small business I’m sure you pride yourself in your customer service – which is great because my next idea is to utilise your face-to-face customer service to promote your business website.  

First you need to make sure that all your staff know about your website and all the online services it offers for your customers such as Click and Collect, Repeat Orders and Online Bookings. Then secondly, you encourage your staff to share these features with customers during sales and customer service conversations. Some examples of what this could sound like are: 

  • Thanks for your purchase. For your convenience I thought I’d tell you that we also sell these products on our website where you can order it for Click and Collect or on a Repeat Order.  
  • Thanks for coming in for your appointment. If you want to book your next appointment, we can do that now or you can do it on our website. 
  • Thanks for your call. If you’d like to learn anything else about our business, buy our products online or make a booking you can do this on our website.  

Customer service is such an integral part to your business. It simply makes sense to utilise it to promote the various facets of your business such as your website.  

Time to Get Started!

So, there you have it. 6 Achievable ways to promote your business website. It can seem like an impossible mission getting your audiences and customers interacting with your website, but I hope this blog has shown you that there’s small and manageable steps you can take to get started. 

As always, Storbie is excited to support you in your digital journey and look forward to seeing how you and your websites grow.  

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