New features or improvements

Storbie Inbox - secure form submissions

Released to all pharmacy websites

  • This allows form submissions to be managed in Storbie's management area.
  • To remove all form data from being sent in submission emails go to Settings > Forms > Forms Settings - untick ‘Include all form data in emails’.



  • Force selection of a location when add to cart is clicked and no group delivery available


Storbie Authentication - User Login Improvements

  • Longer and configurable expiration of login request on auth server. This will redirect to my Storbie to force a login if request has failed


SEO Updates

  • "Last modified date" added to the sitemap


Released to US only

New features or improvements

Now in Beta

  • Heartland Payment Gateway
  • HIPAA data masking for Storbie Admins.


Bug fixes

  • An issue with Shipping promotions being applied to all regions
  • Change the State/Region field to default as "Please Select" in website settings



  • The Storbie Vend/Lightspeed integration has now been sunset. 
  • The old site builder will be deprecated by the end of the month - all sites currently still using it, will be migrated to the new Storbie Site Builder.