We get it, when you’re venturing down the path of getting your pharmacy online, you want to know that you can trust the web partner that you choose. That choice can be difficult when there are so many less than reputable website companies vying for your attention.

To give you a place to start, think about what it is that you want your website to do for your community pharmacy. What does success look like to you 6 and 12 months after launching your new website? Is it more feet through the door? An increase in the number of patients your team sees for professional services? More scripts? More retail sales in store – and maybe even being ready to venture online in the future too?

Writing these things down helps you narrow down your options when it comes to assessing potential providers. We’ve published the first 6 questions you should ask potential web partners here as a guide to help with the evaluation process.

There is a reason Storbie won NZ Pharmacy Supplier of the Year 2018, is endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of NZ, and was engaged to participate in stakeholder sessions for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s CP20251 digital enablement pathway.

At Storbie, we make it possible for busy pharmacy owners to deliver the best online experience of their business to their customers, increasing community pharmacy profitability and improving health outcomes for your patients.

Storbie pharmacy websites are complete with health resources, professional services pages, and product listings for display or purchase with images and descriptions managed by leading pharmaceutical suppliers. If you don’t think products matter, even when you have zero intention of ever selling online, you should read about how your competitors might be getting an edge over you here. If you are already convinced that products matter, here are the next 6 questions to ask your potential web partner about managing products online.

So, how does Storbie stack up against other web platforms? Here’s your checklist to put them side–by–side and see for yourself how Storbie, the award–winning pharmacy and ecommerce website platform is not only a trusted choice, but sets you up with a community pharmacy website that delivers.

Quantifying the difference

How long would it take you to write a set of 80+ health articles for your website? Or to write dozens of services descriptions? What about the time it might take to contact your suppliers to request photos and descriptions for the products they supply to your pharmacy and then keep them up to date over time?

Storbie has invested thousands of hours in bringing this pharmacy specific information together for you. It means we can deliver a fully featured solution for your pharmacy that requires less than half a day of your time spread over 3 – 6 weeks, all with one great value package.

We’re thinking ahead too, take a look at what we’re working on and where we are headed. Check out your future with Storbie here.

So now you know how Storbie stacks up, do you think it’s worth a chat? We talk to hundreds of pharmacy owners every month about what it means for their pharmacy to be online. Set up a no obligation call with us and let’s find out if Storbie might be right for your pharmacy. 

1 Find Storbie mentioned on page 36 of the CP2025 Framework for Change document

2Toniq, RxOne, Corum, FRED, Z Office currently supported. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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