Zamil Solanki

Take a strategic approach to growing your pharmacy and get support from an industry expert. We've joined Zamil Solanki to provide world-class, high performing pharmacy websites to complement his coaching and consulting services for pharmacies.

Mastery coaching

Who is Zamil Solanki?

As a Pharmacist and Business Strategist for the Health Industry, Zamil Solanki has witnessed first-hand the growing need for health businesses to better adapt to the rapidly evolving needs of their patients and workforces.

Unfortunately though, many simply can’t keep up.

Pairing the work he does under 5 key pillars of business – Mindset, Leadership, Planning, Marketing & Sales, Zamil works with Storbie to help pharmacies embrace leading e-commerce solutions that enables their patients to have increased accessibility to health solutions, all while ensuring his clients achieve their goals in an ever-increasing competitive landscape.

Launch online with the best tools for your pharmacy

We partner with Zamil because of our shared philosophy on running a healthcare business. We believe in helping you overcome the complex challenges of getting a community pharmacy online and letting you double down on what makes you unique.


“Storbie have and continue to embrace what it means to be a partner of ours which has resulted in a fantastic relationship. Most notably though, our work has allowed me to provide more holistic solutions to the many challenges faced by health business owners.”
Zamil Solanki

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