Our bespoke Point of Sale integrations keep you on top of your inventory both on and offline.

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Keep it consistent

Real time inventory management

It's your job to give the same high-value experience to your customers, whether they are online or in store. Our POS integrations make this easy by automatically keeping your data up-to-date in real time. 

Price data

Always show the right price to your customers

Make your POS system the source of truth for your prices. Cut down on the grunt work and have your online specials update with your in store ones. Build trust with your customers so they know what to expect, wherever they find you. 

Your industry in focus

Storbie is built to be tailored to the specific needs of select industries. We're here to solve the problems that you're actively facing.

No double ups

One inventory set. Realtime updates.

Avoid the nightmare of selling that last unit twice with real time inventory levels on your Storbie website. Embrace omnichannel retail with confidence that you're giving your customers accurate information.

POS plus products

Step up your product game with the Storbie Supplier Network

Connect your website with our product database and make Storbie the true connector of the online and offline arms of your business. You'll barely have to lift a finger to keep your products relevant and up-to-date. 

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Experience our integrations first-hand in a tailored product tour with our team for a no-obligation walk through of how you could power up your retail offering. 

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