Windcave and Storbie have partnered to provide businesses with the support they need to run successful and seamless omnichannels. Certified with all the major credit card schemes and PCI DSS compliant, Windcave provides innovative end-to-end payment solutions.

seamless omnichannel payments

Safe, Smooth and Secure with Windcave

Windcave is a consolidated payment provider offering EFTPOS, Online payments, and Merchant Acquiring.

Windcave’s partnership with Storbie means that Storbie customers will be able to accept payments seamlessly through a platform they are already familiar with.

Create new opportunities to support your customers

“Our partnership with Storbie allows more businesses across the country to take away the complications when it comes to taking payments, with secure and seamless solutions to improve their customer experience.”
Daniel Favier
Windcave - Sales Manager

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