SVS Veterinary Supplies

Storbie and SVS make selling online easy. Our integration means convenient online orders for the pet owner and less admin for you as the clinic owner.

Centralised distribution

Make order fulfilment a breeze with SVS and Storbie

SVS have been providing quality services to New Zealand Veterinary clinics and their customers for over 30 years. Through our partnership with Storbie, we are now able to support clinics even further by helping them create their own online presence, with seamless access to SVS’s online catalogue for their customers without the limitations of retail space.

Why make the jump?

“Here at SVS, we value getting things done and doing the most for our customers. Storbie’s customer centric and innovative approach makes them a great partner when it comes to offering more for our veterinary clinics, with the Storbie team always working on new things to make their platform even easier, smarter and seamless.”
Rebekah Scott, Project Coordinator
SVS Veterinary Services

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