Many consumers won’t even consider transacting with a company that doesn’t have a strong online presence to go with their physical store. A website should serve as a company’s central hub in today’s modern marketing world.

If your pharmacy does not have an adequate online presence, you could in fact be missing out on sales through your physical store.

Many business owners think a website or online store is just another channel to make money. Don’t think of it that way – think of it as much more integrated to the buying habits of your customers.

Here are the top four reasons why your pharmacy needs a website.

1. It's already expected

Many consumers will already assume you have an online presence, and use search engines like Google to check your location, hours and product range.

Without a website, this information will come from third parties, of which you have no control over. This means your customer could be provided incorrect information or even be directed to your competitors.

Your Storbie website acts as an online catalogue, advertisement and information hub.

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2. Always accessible

It is increasingly important for shoppers to be able to shop at all hours, from any location, and on any device they choose as convenience becomes a top priority.

91% of New Zealanders are active internet users. 70% spend 2 hours or more online per day, with two thirds of Kiwis accessing digital content via their smart phone each week and over a quarter going online via their tablet device.

And for pharmacies, online accessibility is more than just a convenience when it comes to elderly and disabled clients. Being able to browse on their own time, and have goods delivered are just two of the benefits for this group. 20& of Storbie shoppers are over the age of 55.

3. Introduces you to a wider market

80% of consumers research products and services online prior to making a purchase in a physical location. Your website is another tool to drive shoppers in store.

Back in 2000, the Pharmaceutical Journal identified four main groups of shoppers for online pharmacies: busy executives, mothers at home, the elderly or disabled, and those making embarrassing purchases.

Since then, the ecommerce world has changed dramatically. 71% of Pharmacy Place shoppers are women, and the primary searches are for pain relief, health supplements and skin care.

4. Easier than you may think

With our Supplier Network, pharmacies on the Storbie Engage Plan can add available products from our supplier partners to your Storbie website in just a few simple clicks. All products will be loaded with the latest images, compliant descriptions, and be updated as required automatically.

Stock levels and pricing will also synchronise with POS systems.

We have partnerships with leading pharmacy suppliers and integrate with POS systems, with more being added all the time.

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