We introduced new features, upgrades, and improvements every month in 2022. All updates focus on improving the product for Storbie customers and the end-user. The changes included significant updates to the website editing experience, bringing a new way to build websites.

There are likely some fantastic Storbie features you're not using - from streamlined workflows to new design options. It's time to get acquainted with what is new on the platform! We have compiled a list of our top 12 features released to Storbie over 2022 to give you a head start.


12. Product Page and Gallery Improvements

Less is more with our simple gallery style and product page design improvements. Hide the clutter by placing your products front-and-centre, focusing on the essential details and optimising the experience on all devices. We want to make the end-users shopping experience a delight.

11. Search Improvements

Our new Page Search will place users on the page they have in mind immediately, making it easier for them to seek a specific service, article, or other helpful information. 

We made general improvements for page and product searches too:

Search Suggestions: When a customer begins typing a search term and pauses, a dropdown will appear with suggestions based on the products on your website.

Search Fuzziness: When a customer's search is incomplete or contains errors, our improved engine will provide them with results regardless.

10. Announcement Bar

An announcement bar is a full-width content item and can be used to communicate important updates, promote a new product, or announce limited-time offers. They usually have a short line of text and can host a link. You can now add an announcement bar to your website.

If the sound of this new content item is tickling your fancy, then check out our guide below to learn more about using this new feature.

9. Add to cart

A new add to cart prompt will get your customers where you want them to be in fewer clicks.

The more modern experience streamlines the customer’s checkout process via a noticeable pop-up prompting your customer to view their cart, skip to checkout, or continue shopping.

8. Supplier Managed Content

We're helping you keep your website fresh with new content generation and distribution, saving your team time and money. Supplier-created brand pages and promotions will now automatically populate your website to encourage consumers to purchase even more from you.

Supplier Campaigns will also include optional posts automatically scheduled to your Facebook profile in the new year. The posts will link back to the relevant information on your website, helping you get more website traffic and even drive sales.

A real hands-free approach to supporting the success of your online presence!

7. Dropdown Menus

Dropdown menus conserve screen space and help users find exactly what they are searching for. By nesting site navigation, design is cleaner, with fewer links taking up precious website real-estate.

The new menus also reduce the number of clicks and page loads by making all the information accessible from the main menu area.

Dropdown menus are available in conjunction with our new Storbie Site Builder.

6. Background colours

Background colours have always been one of the most requested Storbie features - we've now managed to tick it off the list!

This feature supports a background colour for content items like page banners, product galleries, page galleries and more. 

Background colours are only available on the new Storbie Site Builder, so get in touch to receive both updates.

5. Stripe

Stripe is a low-cost, easy-to-set-up solution that can have you ready to accept payments on your website within minutes. Stripe also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, making online payments a breeze for customers on the go.

We've also enhanced the Stripe integration to support subscription payments, allowing your customers to get the products they regularly need without the hassle of placing a new order each time.

Lastly, you can process Stripe refunds directly through your website – a Storbie first!

Set up a Stripe account from your Storbie website settings now.

4. Dropshipping

Our new Dual Stock feature lets you host your in-store inventory while allowing you to extend your offer with dropshipping to your customers.

You can still manage your local product range and complete order fulfilment, while your dropshipped inventory will be automatically updated on your website and sent to your customers on your behalf. Too easy!

3. Storbie Reports

Get better insights into your website performance, traffic, and marketing results with Storbie Reports. This new feature allows you to understand the impact of your website each month.

We want to put your website performance front and centre. Our goal is to demonstrate how your website is doing and provide information that will empower you to leverage Storbie to support your success.

2. Product Filtering

Product filters revolutionise the way your product galleries and search pages function. Your customers can filter products on your shopfront via a category list and then filter to show a smaller subset of specified products.

The filtered galleries are dynamic and will update to reflect your product listings – no more empty shop categories!

Filtering products will help your customers find the exact products they are looking for faster from one page.

1. Storbie Site Builder

As part of the push to ensure that the Storbie user experience is intuitive and visually appealing, we released a new website editing experience early in the year.

We updated the look and feel of the interface with new ways to add and move content items, change page content width, and navigate sites.

If you're not already using the new Storbie Site Builder get in touch with support@storbie.com to receive the update. 

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