Perfect products at the perfect time to the perfect patient. Is it possible? 

As discount models penetrate communities across the country and consumer attention is dominated by loud and overt marketing by those that have the means, it is more necessary than ever to consider the opportunities for your community focused pharmacy to punch above its weight in ways that minimise the addition of yet more workload pressure. 

This article will introduce you to the concept of hyper-personalisation marketing as one way you can break through the noise with your client community. Hyper-personalised marketing is not a new concept but with advancements in technology, it is becoming more accessible for small businesses. 

Read on to learn why pharmacy has a leg up over other industries with hyper-personalised marketing and how it can empower your pharmacy to deliver advice and care proactively, to support resilient customer relationships and strengthen revenue performance. 

What is hyper-personalised marketing? 

Think about your favourite patient and everything you know about their health. Now consider all the individualised recommendations you have made to them over the years based on that knowledge.  

If you had the luxury of time to provide that level of attention to every patient on your database every month, what impact do you think that might have on your customer relationships and business performance? 

This is the crux of hyper-personalised marketing. It is a shift away from a one-size-fits-all strategy and moves towards providing an individualised, personal customer experience for each patient.  

Why does hyper-personalised marketing matter? 

It is becoming more and more important that customers feel a connection with the businesses they interact with. Hyper-personalisation utilises the customer data you hold at a micro-level to serve individually relevant and contextualised products, services, and content to your customers across the channels they use whether email, SMS, social media and your website.  

As an example, let’s say your customer purchased Vitamin C 100’s and you expect they’re taking one tablet per day. Hyper-personalised marketing would prompt that individual customer with an offer for that specific Vitamin C product a week or so out from when they would be due to run out. 

Meeting your customers with just what they need at just the right time supports the modern consumer mindset shift and the expectations they have of you. 

The benefits of hyper-personalised marketing are broad but include increased customer loyalty, maximised revenue and standing out from the competition. If any or all of these are examples of the results youare focused on, a hyper-personalised customer experience should be part of your strategy.  

It feels impossible to deliver hyper-personalisation in my pharmacy – where do I start? 

We hear you, you hardly have time for lunch most days let alone time to think about a project to implement hyper-personalised marketing in your pharmacy, however, by virtue of being a pharmacy, you have a massive advantage.  

Most non-pharmacy businesses are at a standing start when they head down the path towards hyper-personalisation. They need to collate, analyse, interpret and design hyper-personalised experiences against the data about their customers.  

In contrast, your pharmacy has been collating data for years and in more recent times, software solutions are evolving to leverage that data for pharmacies. Individual customer purchasing behaviour is mapped to product, service and content recommendations that can be served automatically to your clients via a range of digital communication options such as email, SMS, web and e-commerce. 

Hyper-personalisation marketing is something new to wrap your head around, but it is within reach for your community pharmacy and the benefits are there to be realised.  

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