Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most common questions asked about Storbie pharmacy websites and the service we provide. Visit Storbie Pharmacy Resources for more specific content about community pharmacy success online.

Can I move my existing domain name over to my new website?  

Yes, you can. If your emails are also hosted with your domain name provider, you can choose to simply redirect your domain name to the new website, or transfer your email hosting and domain hosting to Storbie. Our resident domain expert can walk you through either option.  

What are the costs for the package?  

See pricing.

How long does it take?

Our general guidance is up to 12 weeks in total from signing up to taking the site live. This typical timeframe is 3 – 6 weeks. The timeline deviates if there are delays in the supply of website information and images by the pharmacy, delays in providing feedback on the website layout and content or delays securing a Go Live appointment with the pharmacy.  

Do you help me promote my website?  

Storbie's websites are optimised for search engines, and we provide a comprehensive series of articles that guide you on other things you can do to successfully promote your website.  

If you’re wanting something more for your pharmacy website, like regular marketing content to keep your website looking alive and engaging, you can opt in to one of our online marketing packages.

What if I need help with my website once I am live?  

Storbie provides a great email support support service, with phone callback on request, at no extra cost. Pharmacies can also opt-in to our online marketing packages, with landing pages and marketing content uploaded to your site by the Storbie team on a monthly basis, making sure that your website is always up to date.

What are my options with billing?

Storbie takes payment for the setup cost and the first three months' subscription by Visa or Mastercard, then the monthly subscription is a recurring payment.   

What is the minimum term for my Storbie website? Do I have to give notice if I decide to cancel?

There is no minimum website term with Storbie, cancel anytime! There will be no further subscription charges after you have closed down your website.

Does your website integrate with our POS?  

Storbie can be integrated with Australian POS systems. Contact us for details.  

What does the subscription cost cover?  

The subscription fee covers the hosting of your website on our platform, and Storbie software maintenance. As new features are released to your plan, they become available to you over time at no additional cost. The subscription fee also includes the Storbie side of the integration with point of sale systems and access to the Storbie Supplier Network  

How does Storbie compare to other solutions on the market?  

Storbie is the only solution available on the market that manages pharmacy product data for you. We look after the design and build for you, and your package includes a pre-populated pharmacy services section, and 80+ health articles. 

General website providers will require you to source or write this information yourself, and will require you to collate and maintain product information yourself. 

Our solution subscription is at a higher price point than that of other platforms in our market but the difference in the hours saved manually maintaining website product data on a monthly basis is quickly recovered.  

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