New features or improvements


Improve SEO 

  • An image ALT tag field is now available in Link Galleries. 
  • A last modified date has been added to sitemaps to inform search engines when a page was last updated. This is used to encourage search engines to re-crawl a page faster due to the content being seen as updated.
  • We have added a Discernible Link Text field to Link Galleries to enable users to add descriptive text of where the link button leads. This assists site crawlers and vision-impaired users. 


Group Sites 

  • Group order emails are now sent to the location an order was purchased from and the main group website's email address.


End-User Improvements

  • We have enabled beta features Cart Prompt Improvements and Product Page Improvements on all sites.
  • Changed the cart shipping estimation section text to state, ‘Postage and handling, if applicable, will be calculated in the checkout.’


Bug fixes

  • Users cannot connect to new suppliers through the Suppliers page in the Manage area.
  • Error changing product display Maximum results from 250 to 500 in /manage/products when Google Merchant Center integration is enabled.
  • Some lower-level (BRICK) product classifications are not saved when added to products.
  • Storbie cannot use an ampersand '&' in Storbie Broadcasts Facebook captions.
  • Insights Unique Visitors graph has no data after 3 April (note: still got some data missing and there is another bug blocking a refresh of data.
  • 'Edit' does not allow user to change the selected ProductSku in the cart

Technical Bug fixes

  • Provet supplier company codes are evaluating to null
  • Duplicate Key during supplier sync (GuidGraveyard table causing duplicates)
  • Elastic search version updated 

Released to US

New features or improvements

  • Incoming docs API