New features or improvements

Storbie Inbox - secure form submissions

Released to beta

  • This allows form submissions to be managed in Storbie's management area.
  • To remove all form data from being sent in submission emails go to Settings > Forms > Forms Settings - untick ‘Include all form data in emails’.


Insights page fixes 

Released to beta

  • Improved loading times to the Insights page.
  • More descriptive labelling on analytics charts.


Checkout performance improvements

  • Optimised much of the refreshing behaviour that slowed loading in the checkout for a much faster and more stable customer experience now
  • The Place Order button is only available when all of the required fields, shipping and payment methods have been entered or selected


Authentication Server update

Improving the authentication server of the Storbie platform signifies a commitment to enhancing security, performance, scalability, user experience, and compliance, ultimately resulting in a more robust and reliable service for customers.


Released to US only

New features or improvements

  • Pioneer Rx app
  • Incoming docs API


Bug fixes

  • Update to search pages when filtering product searches.
  • Changed the shipping estimation section to text stating that ‘Postage and handling, if applicable, will be calculated in the checkout.’
  • Group and Marketplace websites have improved Footer styling for their Store Locator pages