Updates to Group Solution


  • We now display the user-selected location in the action bar once a location is selected.
  • Cart availability information is now visible in the Location selector pop-up.
  • Force the end-user to select a location at the cart or checkout page if Local Pickup is selected and a location has not yet been chosen.
  • We have removed the Add To Cart buttons from the gallery if unavailable from the current location or no location is selected.
  • The Central group site can now also be a location at the same time.
  • Barcode can now be used as a location inventory product match identifier.
  • There is a new column in the Order Summary download - to show which location was the 'Fullfiller' for Group websites.


Bug Fixes

  • An issue where the order filter was not working on Group websites has been resolved. Another filter has also been added here allowing Storbie users to filter orders of locations only.
  • The location details page did not respect the 'Hide your email from displaying in Address content items.' setting in the shop address wizard.