Corum and Storbie have come together to ensure your website stays in sync with your physical pharmacy, and enables your customers to know when something is in, or out of stock when they go to your website.


synchronised information

An Online Extension for Your Pharmacy

Sales in the pharmacy, and subsequent deduction of Stock on Hand, synchronise through to the website. Vice versa, online sales made through your Storbie site will synchronise back through to your LOTS database.

Everything works within with your existing workflow to keep product information, stock levels and pricing up to date. It's almost like magic.

Create new opportunities to support your patients

“For those who aren’t that tech savvy – you might balk at the idea of managing a website like this but it is VERY straightforward. Making a product visible on your website is as simple as ticking a box. So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of a website but didn’t know where to start, contact Storbie and see what they can do for you.”
Patrick Robinson
Corum - Technical Consultant

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