The 5-step guide to assessing your pharmacy's digital presence

You don’t have to be a tech whizz to be able to see how easily your business can be found online, you just need to be able to think like a customer of a pharmacy.

Storbie Digital Pharmacy Self-Assessment

How does your pharmacy's digital presence stack up?

Download our 5-Step Guide and grab a pen and paper to jot some notes down about what opportunities you find to level up your pharmacy online. 

Here are a few ways this document can help your pharmacy grow and thrive: 

1. understand your pharmacy's presence on google

How does your pharmacy rank in search results? What's really there about your business? 

2. your pharmacy on mobile and desktop

Lookin' sharp on desktop but unintuitive and a bit of a mess on mobile? Find out how you're being found on the most popular way people in your community browse the web.

3. how about your social media presence?

Are you in control or is your pharmacy experience on popular social media sites at the mercy of these platforms? Does your pharmacy appear relevant to the modern customer? Find out. 

Who is Storbie?

Storbie's mission is to empower and advance community commerce. Storbie is a champion for industries that have fallen behind the digital wave.

We facilitate online success through our comprehensive, supply chain integrated, online retail platform. Community pharmacies can access support from industry groups and suppliers to sell products, take appointments online and promote their business online.