For Malcolm Anderson, the veterinary industry is just as much about the people as it is about pets. 

So, when Malcolm decided to get his new Veterinary practice, ‘The Vet,' set up online , he knew that he also wanted to work with good people.  

And for Malcolm, that is exactly what he found while working with the team at Storbie. Malcolm explained that from the moment he first reached out, all the way to when his website first went live, each step he has taken has been better than he ever expected, thanks to Storbie.  

“It’s been awesome working with Storbie. Communication has always been amazing and just the overall feel of working with them all has been great from start to finish.”

As a New Zealand based company making strides in the global eCommerce market, we pride ourselves on providing both quality website solutions and quality customer service.  

We never want our customers to feel like they are talking to a robot or a machine when we are developing their websites. To us, Malcolm was never going to be 'just another customer,' as we do our absolute best to be there throughout the entire process of getting them up and running, and we are glad that Malcolm felt this support.  

But it wasn’t just the quality service…. 

Malcolm is also extremely pleased with his Storbie website, both inside and out. He explained that Storbie's delivery and design team were able to capture the exact look he wanted for his Veterinary website.  

He was extremely surprised when he was told that Storbie's design team was willing to take whatever steps were necessary to provide the exact look he wanted. For example, Malcolm already had a graphic designer he had worked with in the past, so Storbie and the designer teamed up to create the logos, images, and branding that would be used on the website. The final product exceeded all of Malcolm's original expectations.  

“The layout and look couldn’t be any better. Everyone was on the same page, and this meant that we got the exact result we were looking for visually.”

With a new Storbie user interface just around the corner, the ability to customise Storbie websites is only going to improve and become more advanced, as we continue to develop the platform in response to the changing needs of our customers.

A Specific Solution 

At Storbie, we are proud to provide industry specific website solutions for Veterinary clinics.. Specific features such as integrations with animal health supplier product libraries and drop-shipping by SVS directly benefit the customers they are designed for. 

Practices like Malcolm's can take advantage of Storbie's SVS drop-shipping integrations, something that is extremely useful for him and his team. Thanks to drop-shipping, Malcolm can focus more of his time on standards of care in clinic and for him, this is possibly the biggest overall benefit of Storbie.   

“Having drop-shipping is extremely beneficial for my practice. Just the ease of not having to spend time shipping orders while also not having to worry about stock on hand makes everything much easier for us.”

Storbie has been serving the Veterinary industry for little over 18 months, so we are really just getting started. As we evolve both in New Zealand and in Australia, we will continue to develop and refine our veterinary specific solution, just as we have for Malcolm and his practice.

An Enjoyable Experience  

When Malcolm decided to take the leap and get himself set up online, he never thought that he would be able to work with a company that cared about his specific needs and his success.  

“For me, Storbie is the complete package. The result is exactly what we were hoping for. It's modern, clean, has a great design, and is just an easy-to-use all-around product.”

Now that Malcolm has is website up and running, he is extremely excited to start using all the features that Storbie offers to make it a great success. But even though he cannot wait to start using his website to benefit his business, Malcolm still suggests that Storbie’s greatest asset is the service they provide.   


So, if you're looking for a quality website solution for your veterinary clinic and a team that cares about your specific needs, contact us today so that we can start helping you stay connected to your community when they’re not in clinic. 


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