New Zealand founded pharmacy website and ecommerce platform Storbie has signed a deal with RedSail Technologies LLC company PioneerRx as their preferred website and ecommerce solution for their thousands of pharmacy clients.

One of the most significant challenges faced by community pharmacies today is establishing a meaningful online presence that rivals major chains. Limited resources hinder a pharmacy’s ability to translate their comprehensive practice into an effective and attractive website.

The partnership adds website and ecommerce capability to PioneerRx’s curated portfolio of best-in-class tools designed to support independent pharmacies to thrive in their communities.

Storbie tackles the complexity involved in running a unified online and in-store experience by streamlining and automating pharmacy product data, marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

Time-consuming website administration and maintenance tasks that would otherwise require extensive manual input from pharmacy staff are now simplified. Processes such as sourcing and loading product information or posting patient education content on a website and sharing this across social media channels, either happen automatically or are completed in minutes with the click of a few buttons.

Jeff Key, PioneerRx President states: “We’ve evaluated software options globally to support our vision to champion community pharmacies across digital and physical channels. Storbie brings it all together like nothing else we’ve seen. It’s a game-changer for the thousands of community pharmacies we support.”

Storbie CEO Shane Bartle adds “Storbie’s vision is wholly focused on removing the barriers for community pharmacies, so they can compete online and provide a better healthcare experience for their customers. We’re excited to have the support of PioneerRx. It demonstrates how much they believe in the impact we can have together.”

This partnership is set to transform the digital landscape of independent pharmacy community engagement across PioneerRx’s customer base in the US.

Meet the Storbie team and see a Storbie powered pharmacy website in action at Catalyst Connect 2023, June 8-11, Nashville, TN.

About PioneerRx

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by independent pharmacies. We recognize the shift towards a clinical, patient-centered future in pharmacy practice. That's why PioneerRx is designed to equip pharmacies with the tools and capabilities they need to thrive in this evolving landscape. By actively listening to our users and implementing their suggestions, we ensure that our software stays ahead of the curve and paves the way for leading industry trends. With PioneerRx, pharmacies can streamline their operations, enhance clinical services, and strengthen patient relationships. When you choose PioneerRx, you're joining a community of forward-thinking pharmacy professionals who are dedicated to making a difference.

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About Storbie

Storbie is a specialist website and ecommerce platform for independent pharmacies. They make it easy for pharmacies to extend their brick-and-mortar customer experience online including being able to be found locally, promote their services, and sell their retail offering.

Storbie makes it possible for even the smallest pharmacy to have and maintain a comprehensive online presence by connecting with key industry organisations and software solutions to streamline and automate product data, marketing campaigns and customer engagement.