So a patient walks into a pharmacy…

While this might sound like the start of a bad joke, I’m here with a bit of relief – it’s actually the story of how a customer’s buying journey within their local community pharmacy is changing for the better. Traditionally the only way your patients were able to collect their prescriptions from you was to walk into the pharmacy with their paper prescription, wait for it to be dispensed while they patiently browse the rest of the store, then pay and go on their way. Technology is embedding itself deeper and deeper into our daily lives though, and we were always going to see this process change. So how can you, as a community pharmacist, respond to this expectation of convenience customers have these days?

With the increase of patients using eScripts instead of physical paper prescriptions, the once standard buying process now varies wildly from patient to patient and pharmacy to pharmacy.

Patients order their medication through mobile apps while riding the bus, or through a website late at night once the kids are in bed. You yourself might even be shopping differently these days, whether as a result of pandemic restrictions or simply reduced time to run errands. How does a pharmacy help facilitate this new process in an efficient and easy way?

Enter Medmate and Storbie’s latest partnership. Working together to bring modern day convenience to the world of community pharmacy in a way that is easy for both sides, your customers will now be able to order and pay for their eScripts through your website at the same time as buying their OTC products or booking services.


While your patient buying journey used to solely be in store, let’s see how they might order their prescriptions from their local pharmacy now.


The customer has just visited their GP to grab a prescription for some antibiotics. They receive the text message with their eScript and need to start the course of medication today but can’t make it to the pharmacy until they’ve finished a busy day at work. So, they do a quick search on their phone while they make their way back to the office to check if they can order their medication from their local community pharmacy.

Low and behold, they can! By jumping on the Scripts & Repeats page they are greeted with a simple form to easily enter the details this pharmacy needs to fill their prescription.

Medmate order form on Storbie site screenshot

Once they have submitted their eScript form, they can check whether they are happy for a generic substitution. They are also easily able to select the right entitlement for their situation, getting an overview of the pricing that will apply.

Medmate Order form on Storbie site

By hitting Add to Cart, their prescription is now ready to be paid for and sent through to the pharmacy for dispensing. They checkout with their medication and any other products from the pharmacy using payment and shipping options already set up on the pharmacy website.


All of this has taken just a few minutes while commuting to work, and the convenience of being able to order straight off his mobile without interrupting their busy day is already making them feel better!


Wanting to receive eScripts directly via your website? Enquire below and we will line up a chat and discuss what this solution could look like for your pharmacy.

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