What a year! Like yourself, we took a rest over the holiday period to reflect on everything we’ve achieved and added to the platform over the past 12 months. So, we’ve put together some of the main features we released throughout 2021.

This is also a good chance to get familiar with what’s new on the platform! If you’re missing something and are keen to try it out, get in touch with us via support@storbie.com and we’ll see you right.

So without further ado, here’s a countdown of 12 of our favourite features we’ve released to Storbie websites throughout 2021:

12. Product Collections

Introducing a new way to manage your products in bulk, Product Collections allows you to easily assign rules to a group of products – examples include restricting shipping methods, and Add to Cart or Checkout Forms. We’re looking forward to adding more to this feature in the future! 

11. Local Pickup Feature

Making Click & Collect more streamlined for both retailers and customers, Local Pickup proved especially helpful during delivery delays or changes in Covid restrictions throughout 2021. Our sites easily offered contactless pickup for orders to keep business running smoothly. 

10. Advanced Forms

Our Forms got a bit of a refresh this year with new features including Image Upload, Calendar Date Picker, and a Yes/No Checkbox. These apply to both our Content Forms and our new Add to Cart forms to give you greater flexibility when directing customers to send through enquiries. 

9. Bookings

One of the biggest development efforts in Storbie’s history, our integrated Bookings system is a must for any business that provides services to customers. By setting up availability profiles, different calendars, and multiple services, your customers will be able to both book and pay for their appointment through your website, just like they would with your products. 

8. Search Updates

We’ve all had those moments where autocorrect runs away from us and we’re not 100% sure whether anyone will know what we were trying to say. Thankfully with our new Search Updates, your site will surface more matches for more results, making it much easier for your customers to find the product they’re looking for (spelling mistakes included!). 

7. New Payment Gateway Integrations 

Alongside the other gateways we offer on Storbie, we were pleased to welcome both POLi and Eftpos NZ (Verifone) to the family. POLi is a way to facilitate bank transfers for your customers to reduce the wait time when it comes to reconciling payments, and Verifone offers a new credit and debit card payment option for NZ sites. 

6. Order Status Emails

This feature will automatically send email updates to your customers as you process their order, letting them know when their order has been sent or is ready for collection. Order Status Emails also introduced the ability to customise these messages, allowing you to better match the tone of your brand. 

5. New Design Features

Including the highly anticipated and much requested Hero Slider! We were so excited when these new features released, and even more so when our sites began to use them. Along with Hero Slider we introduced Link Galleries, Photo Galleries, and several new fonts.  

4. Subscription Ordering

Ever wished that your coffee beans or dog food would just show up at your door just before you ran out? Well with Subscription Ordering, you’re able to offer exactly this to your customers! By enabling this feature, your customers can purchase their favourite things and choose the frequency that it will automatically re-order. 

3. More Google Tool Integrations

We updated our integration with Google Analytics to the latest version, as well as adding in Google Tag Manager and Google Merchant Centre. These tools are excellent at providing site owners with better insights into their site’s performance, as well as surfacing product results in Google Shopping to reach a wider audience.  

2. Customer Login

The top requested feature on Storbie was released this year! Customer Login lets your customers create accounts on your website to view any past orders and store their preferred details. With it came our Customer Centric View, making it easier for you to track your customers and how frequently they’re shopping with you.

1. New Manage User Interface (UI)

While our original Manage area had served us well for many years, it was getting a bit tricky to add in all the new major features that were (and still are!) coming to Storbie. So, we gave it a design refresh! The new UI groups different features of the website platform into their own sections, making it easier for site admins to navigate all the moving parts of their site.


To make the most of our new features, get in touch with support@storbie.com and request access.