Are you missing out? Products are the secret sauce for your clinic website.

Has your clinic website been online for a while yet you’re still wondering why its traffic has stagnated? Or are you early in your journey into the online world and looking for the next step for your community-focused clinic? 

The real question here is, are you displaying products on your website? You might be missing the secret sauce your competition has already cottoned on to.

It's not all about making sales online.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to listing products on your website. A common misconception in this age of online shopping is that most purchases are made virtually – this is not the case. Online transactions represent only around 15% of total retail sales. To begin understanding why this is the case, we can step into our customers’ shoes for a moment. 

When you last needed a specific product but didn’t know where to buy it, what were the keywords you typed into Google? 

Was it the product or brand name followed by your city or town? Your aim was probably to find the closest location that stocks your item. It’s pretty unlikely that you searched for the name of the business that would sell it. The way that you use Google is also the way your customers use Google. The keyword recipe is (product) + (location).

Don’t delay – make the first step today.

It’s simple for even the smallest community veterinary clinic to set up a website with Storbie and take full advantage of Storbie’s connections with leading suppliers and business systems. With a Storbie website, your online site will be an extension of your physical store – complete with rich content, detailed product listings, and your professional services on display. And if (or when) you’re ready, your clinic’s e-commerce capability can be turned on with the flick of a switch.

Do you think it’s worth a chat? We talk to hundreds of community business owners every month about what it means for them to be online. Set up an obligation-free call with us and let’s find out if Storbie is right for you.

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