Wholesale & B2B

In addition to being the perfect platform for customer facing ecommerce sites, Storbie is also ideal for managing your business transactions with your business clients. Automate your order taking, reduce operating costs and streamline your business relationships.

Wholesale & B2B
What is Storbie?

What is Storbie?

Storbie aims to be the world’s easiest ecommerce shop creator. It provides all of the tools that you need to create a great looking and successful online store. Storbie is packed with ecommerce features and there are no technical skills required.

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Manage your wholesale sales

Provide your customers with a secure log-in so they are the only ones who can see your product mix and wholesale pricing.

Different payment options

Offer different payment options

Offer your customers a variety of payment options including charge to account with an incentive to pay you immediately to improve your cashflow.

Shop duplication

Duplicate Your B2C Store

If you have a Storbie B2C store, you can create a second Storbie store for wholesale purposes. We can duplicate your existing store as a starting point for your wholesale store so you don't need to recreate it from scratch. You can then use the product import/export feature to synchronise your inventory across your two stores.