Create a Mobile Friendly Website

It is impossible to create a Storbie ecommerce site that isn't mobile friendly. No extra cost, no extra effort! Your customers can enjoy browsing from their desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with your website automatically optimised for any screen.

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Best responsive design websites

Responsive mobile design

Responsive design is Google's recommended technique for optimising a website for different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It enables the website to adapt to any screen size. The capabilities of mobile devices and desktops are converging, meaning you need to provide your customers with a superior shopping experience, regardless of device.

Be found on Google mobile search

Be found on mobile

To ensure a superior mobile experience, Google ranks mobile friendly websites higher in mobile search results than non-responsive websites. As mobile browsing and shopping continues to increase, a mobile friendly website makes sure your business is visible to customers searching on-the-go.

Customise your mobile ecommerce website

Customise your mobile website

Upload retina quality images to ensure your website looks great on retina displays — an increasingly common feature of mobile devices. Specify alternate images to appear when your website is viewed on a mobile device, or choose to hide the image altogether. Preview what the site will look like across different sized devices to make sure you’re happy before publishing. With Storbie, you can create the look you want, so your customers get the experience they’re after.

Storbie makes it easy

Storbie makes mobile easy

We’ve tested our responsive design feature across a range of devices, operating systems, browsers and screen orientations. Many business owners who invested large sums of money developing a custom-designed ecommerce shop need to invest again to develop and test mobile capability. With Storbie, all you need to do is enjoy the responsive design features!

From day one Storbie has worked to combat these high ongoing costs of traditional ecommerce websites. Responsive design is included for all Storbie stores, at no additional cost or effort. We retain control of the code, so you stay up to speed with the latest ecommerce technologies and features.