Marketing & Social Media

Storbie has the promotion tools to excite consumers into buying from you and make running an online shop fun. Our promotion functionality empowers you to deliver online promotions that mirror proven traditional retail tactics.

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Create store wide promotions in seconds

You can clear an entire range, take 20% off of a certain type of product, or offer free shipping for a single day.


Measure the impact of physical promotions with coupon codes

Coupon codes make it possible to promote and measure digital sales using physical promotions. Display a coupon code in a magazine advertisement and then use it to see how many people use it in your store.


Manage one day deal or competition redemptions

Run a one day deal or competition using a service such as GrabOne or TreatMe and then allow your c ustomers to redeem their products in your online shop. Simply copy and paste the codes supplied by the one day service into your shop and Storbie will do the rest.

Email marketing integration

Email marketing integration

Email marketing is proven to be the most cost effective method to communicate offers and drive sales.

The Storbie ecommerce technology makes it easy to integrate your shopping cart with popular email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

Build your social community

Build your social community

Storbie has the tools to enhance your social connections with your brand advocates. Building social connections with your customer is proven to build valuable connections and long-term relationships.

Storbie makes this all easy. Storbie also allows you to present customers with the opportunity to share your products and your content with their friends utilising the major social tools such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more…